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A Statistical Approach for Quantifying Group Difference in Topic Distributions Using Clinical Discourse Samples

Topic distribution matrices created by topic models are typically used for document classification or as features in a separate machine …

Computational Analysis of Backchannel Usage and Overlap Length in Autistic Children

Backchanneling (e.g., right, okay, uhhuh) during a dialogue signals that a person is engaged and following along with what is being …


Investigation on Examiner "Um" and "Uh" Usage in ADOS-2 Sessions


Towards an automated method for quantifying pedantic language in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Pedantic Speech in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Difficulties with language is one of the core characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Clinicians have described a …

Math Meets Data

Figuring out how to put theory into practice is not always straightforward. Real world data, especially natural language data, can put …


A Sentiment Analysis of Child Language Acquisition Data

Join us for a night of four talks from students in OHSU’s Principles and Practice of Data Visualization, taught by Alison Hill, …